All heating times are an estimation and will depend on the strength of the individual microwave / oven. Food should be heated until piping hot all the way through. We recommend that all food should be plated on a microwave-safe plate, then heated for the following times. Oven instructions are also listed below.

Majority of the oven cooking times are 180 degrees C or gas mark 4

Menu ItemMicrowaveOven / Hob
Soup3 minuteson hob until simmering
Spinach Tart (can be eaten hot or cold)30 seconds if required hotin oven for 2 minutes 180 degrees C / gas mark 4
Chicken Wings
Main Course
Roast dinners (heat Yorkshire pudding up separately)3 minutesNot recommended other than roast potatoes
Roast PotatoesN/A10 minutes 180 degrees C
Yorkshire Pudding15 secondsNot recommended
Salmon2 minutesNot recommended
Apple Crumble2 minutesPut in ovenproof dish, 10-15 mins 180 degrees C
Custard ( heat up separately)1 minuteOn hob until simmering
Ginger Sponge2 minutesPut in ovenproof dish on a tray and cover with foil. Put small amount of water on tray, cook 10-15 - minutes 180 degrees C

Thank you for ordering with us and continuing to support our small business. We will be offering takeaways and deliveries everyday and we will be adding chef specials to this menu, simply give us a call to find out what the specials are.